ZJ9610S series

Auto-pattern  /  ZJ9610S

Advanced Needle Gauge Adjustor

The delicate structure of the needle gauge adjustor allows free precision adjustments.Easy for operation.

Direct Drive Mode

Adopt an electromechanically-integrated auto-trimmer unit controlled with AC serve motor and control operations, like foot lifting and automatic reversing, through its electric control system. Thereby realizing automated operation and hence substantially increased work efficiency.

Easy Operation Panel

Set parameters conveniently, like the speed and the upper needle position.Easily enable or disable the function of adding back-and-forth reinforcing stitches.Easily enable or disable such functions as auto-trimmer and foot lifting.

A Simple Switch

Use a simple switch to control reversing and back-and-forth bartacking. Easy to operate.

New Thread Cutter

The new cutter has novel and unique design and is simple to fix, convenient to adjust, smart in movement, thereby enabling shorter loose thread ends. It is easy and convenient to maintain and repair .

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