Computerized High Speed Zigzag Sewing Machine

ZJ2290 series

Zigzag  /  ZJ2290

As the standard model of the novel zigzag sewing machine, it is characterized by its electronic control, better advanced performance, and its capacity to deal with different sewing specifications.ZJ2290 is capable of such functions as auto thread trimmer, auto backstitch, auto presser foot lifting, and auto needle position stopping, and improves the operability and working efficiency.

High speed,
Energy efficient


The maximum speed can reach 5000rpm in the mode in which the needle swing is 4mm.
The feed mechanism is controlled with a stepping motor to enable continuous sewing at a high speed



Low noise


Even between normal and reverse feed directions, the machine also won't have a magnet operation tone .The worker will have a more comfortable work environment because of the low noise.



Low heat dissipation


The titanium plating treatment of internal hook can avoid heating. Therefore, the sewing machine can keep running when the oil amount is extremely little. Greasy dirt can be avoided, and the durability is substantially increased. In addition, the contour of rotating hook is designed considering the broken stitch can be avoided.



Panel ZigZag


The motor direct drive electronics designed to reduce power consumption, uses components that provide an economy of 60%~70% of energy for engines of conventional machines. The lower power consumption and reduce the bills, it also reduces the environmental impact.



Direct Drive Servo Motor



Most motors work through belts, the main reason of noise and breaks over time.

With the Direct Drive Servo Motor that does not happen, because its transmission system is connected directly to the main shaft of the machine, eliminating the need for belts or pulleys. Thus it provides an increase in efficiency with quick startup, the precision of the brake and longer lifetime.

The direct drive motor can save up to 70% energy compare with the clutch motor, for working only when the machine is sewing.
The lower power consumption helps reduce bills and also environmental impact.




Large operation space


ZJ2290 is a new high-long arm machine head one size larger than the head for the conventional lockstitch machine. With its wider area under the arm, the machine permits easy handling of the sewing material for improved operability. The shape of the jaw gives the operator a clear view of the area around the needle.



The backstitch switch is designed as a button


It can prevent any error operations in the process of taking back the cloth material and enable the operator to make adjustments to the optimal position



Micro-lifter device



The machine is provided as standard with a micro-lifter screw .This helps prevent material slippage or damages when usingelastic materials.


Stable sewing operation can be realized in low tension


Special rotating hook and take-up lever are applied, high quality and stable stitches can be realized even in case of extremely low tension; in addition, this can avoid the skipped and broken stitches in the high-speed operation mode, the thread applying capacity is greatly enhanced, and the machine can use many types of threads like synthetic thread, spun thread, and cotton thread.



Superior safety and maintainability



The machine adopts a structure without an oil tray and this configuration helps ensure that clean machine oil is supplied from the oil tank mounted on the machine only to the rotary shuttle and the machine needles. The machine can cope with high speed sewing in a clean environment. The machine head can be easily tilted when it is being cleaned, maintained or repaired, as there is no need to dismantle the knee lifter or the cover. A safety switch is mounted on the machine head. If the machine is tilted with the power on, the safety switch will be activated and then disable the machine operation. In this disabled condition, the machine will never run even if you step on the foot pedal. Since the width of needle amplitude can be limited, the machine can avoid broken needles or damage to broken needle plates due to wrong settings.


Thread cutting mechanism with excellent performance


The simple and reliable thread cutting mechanism is equipped with a sliding cutting-off tool, and it can finish thread seizing and thread cutting even in case of swing from side to side. The cutter device is fitted on the pusher plate such that maintenance can be carried out easily. Its thread-reeling/take-up device can offer necessary surface thread when sewing operation is started; it can avoid skipped stitch and broken stitch, and minimize the length of residual thread left over on the needle tip such that the operability is enhanced.



Fabric feeding mechanism applicable to various surface fabrics



The height/gradient regulating range of feed dog is expanded. The feed dog may be adjusted upward, horizontal, or downward so as to suit the sewing operation of the upper/lower sewing.The height/gradient regulating range of feed dog is expanded. The feed dog may be adjusted upward, horizontal, or downward so as to suit the sewing operation of the upper/lower sewing.


Stopping with needle up and down position


Needle position function greatly helps material handling. It enables needle down stop, for changing the direction of the material and needle up stop for set and removal of materials.


Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ2290S 1 DP×5 70# 5000 (rpm) 5 mm
ZJ2290B 1 DP×5 70# 5000 (rpm) 5 mm
ZJ2290S-SR 1 DP×5 70# 5000 (rpm) 5 mm

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