Computerrized high speed direct drive double-needle lockstitch sewing machine

ZJ2842/2872 series

Twin Needles  /  ZJ2842/2872

Adopts bulit-in direct drive servo motor, optimizes the sewing technology.
Adopts mini oil lubrication, with the lower noise, vibration and pollution.
With the larger operation space, much comfortable sewing.
Multistage speed, soft start function.
Control box implement software strength, increases motor power by 20%.
The split needle Angle can be directly adjusted by parameters adjustment, convenient of debugging.

It adopts direct-drive motor which response sensitive, so that the operator can response to any sewing condition quickly and effectively, thus improving work efficiency

The cloth feeding dial is fixed by the positioning plate, so deviation can be prevented in sewing


Energy saving and consumption reduction


The computer-driven mode with low drive loss is adopted and a small energy-saving motor is installed. Compared with the traditional models, its consumption reduction rate is 50%.


Large operation space and more comfortable operation


Compared with the old machine models, the working area is expanded. It's very convenient to sew even large clothes such as jeans and down jackets. The forehead is heightened so that it has a larger vision of needle area and some minor sewing can also be easily done.


Adjustable fabric feeding system


The machine can effectively prevent sewing deviation with the needle cloth feeding function, and prevent wrinkle and enable small turning with the lower cloth feeding function. The best cloth feeding manner can be chosen according to the material and process, thus greatly improving the sewing quality.


Presser foot soft drop function can prevent high-grade fabric from damaging.

Preventing needle breakage function: The needle will be lifted to a safety position in order to prevent the needle from broken during manual reverse sewing.


Preventing needle breakage function


Decorative reinforce sewing, realizing coincide stitch during back and forth reinforced sewing

Model Needles Stitch lenght presser foot's height Hook Sewing speed
ZJ2842-BD-D3 DB×1 11#~14# 4 7~13 Standard 4000 (rpm)
ZJ2842-5-BD-D3 DP×5 14#~22# 5 7~13 Standard 4000 (rpm)
ZJ2872-BD-D3 DP×5 11#~14# 7 7~13 Large 3000 (rpm)
ZJ2872-5-BD-D3 DP×5 14#~22# 7 7~13 Large 3000 (rpm)
ZJ2842-BD DP×5 11#~14# 4 7~13 Standard 4000 (rpm)
ZJ2842-5-BD DP×5 14#~22# 5 7~13 Standard 4000 (rpm)
ZJ2872-BD DP×5 11#~14# 7 7~13 Large 3000 (rpm)
ZJ2872-5-BD DP×5 14#~22# 7 7~13 Large 3000 (rpm)

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