Super high speed overlock sewing machine

ZJ952-13-BD-D3A series

Overlock  /  ZJ952-13-BD-D3A

ZJ900 Series are suitable for the light, medium and heavy material, include knitting, underwear, jeans and bedding material etc. It can both suit for narrow edge and wide edge sewing.




Adopts main shaft direct drive technology without belt drive.



Low noise



Small vibration, low noise, less wear and avoid contamination of fabric



Super high speed



The speed can be adjusted from 0 to 8500rpm,low increase of temperature, and stable running.



Totally enclosed type direct-drive needle bar


The acting foce on the needle bar points directly to the center of needle bar; the totally enclosed type needle bar puts an end to the dust incasion and oil leakage and reduce the abrasive damage of the needle bar and needle bar collar,and reduce the abrasive damage of the needle bar and needle bar collar.



Up-to-date feed dog rack sealing device and straight-needle forced oil return


This is an entirely sealed machine with direct oiling solution to oiling system, can get the oil recovery. Automatically oiling system with filter pump. To prevent the materials being polluted by the oil sludge,is added to clean the oil sludge from lubrication. (The yellow is the sealing ring). (Old model only have two pices, but 900 series have four pices)


Patented presser foot


Machine of the series are equipped with the up to date patented presser foot whose independent fabric hole down piece can be adjusted rightward/leftward as per the changes in cup seaming width such that the edge surling can be effectively avoided during high speed sewing operation.



Oil filter


The device can guarantee the cleanliness of lubricating oil, and optimize the running environment of machine; In addition, the forced oil return device can avoid oil leakage and quality of sewn articles can be further improved(Old-style overlock sewing machine is not equipped with a oil filter, and it is impossible to guarantee the long-term cleanliness of lubricating oil)


HR silicone oil cooling device


The HR silicone oil device can effectively reduce the needle temperature and avoid broken thread and fabric molten in case of high temperature such that the synthetic threads and fabrics with poor heat resistance can be applied in the high speed sewing operation and that the stitches can be stable and pleasing to the sye.


Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length

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