ZOJE Intelligent auto pattern sewing machine Conference

In 2016, what is the buzzword in sewing machinery industry? Is it “smart sewing”?
On Oct 20th, 2016, full explanation of this buzzword was made in ZOJE new product conference of Intelligent auto pattern sewing machine.

In October, it is cool with overwhelming smell of grapefruitfrom island. On October 20th,2016, industrial well-known ZOJEnew product conference of Intelligent auto pattern sewing machine held in YuhuanCounty, Taizhou, Zhejiang as scheduled. Almost one hundred excellent dealers, friends from clothing circle and media institutions got together here and witnessed this glorious moment -appearance of ZOJE pattern sewing machine new product.

Intelligent Era and General Trend

Guests paid a visit to production line
Before product conference, guests paid a visit on the garden area of the company and its modern pattern sewing machine production line. Through viewing six core products displayed in this conference, guests spoke highly of ZOJE high-end equipment and high-quality products.

Leader and guests took a seat at the conference
While XuRenshun, general manager, was making an analysis of the current sewing industry and judgment of the future in the afternoon, the new product conference was being opened ceremony.

XuRenshun, general manager of ZOJE Sewing Machine Limited Company made industrial analysis and report
Xu pointed out that, our future would be a highly intelligent world, with revolutionary changes in traditional production method; utilizing intelligence to redevelop this industry would become the core development model and the trend of the most imagination.

New ThinkingContributes to High-Quality Product
The theme of Intelligent auto pattern sewing machine conference was determined as “Smart Technology Changes the Future”.At this point, a relatively strong signal ZOJE sent out was “the sense of technology”that was deeply integrated into product.
Insisting on self-innovation and technology research and development is the guarantee for world well-known ZOJE product as well as dominant force forZOJE development. With focus on the demand in clothing process, the combination of the market orientation and the latest technology in this industry, the appearance of Intelligent auto pattern sewing machine will definitely bring about an earth-shaking revolution of clothing production operation model.

Director Lou Qiaojun explainedabout the new product
Under the elaborate statement by Lou Qiaojun-technical director, we have an exhaustive understanding of ZOJE six core products of pattern sewing machine:Global initiate automatic hook-changing,360°intelligent auto-cutter,Press frame structure,Straight knife lancing,900mm sewing party ledge,Laser knife lancing.
In the conference, director Lou introduced ZOJE product development strategy in 2016 that ZOJIE research and development team would keep working hard and utilize big data to analyze the market situation and improve the quality and technology of product, making product closely adapted to the users’ demand.

Minds Meeting andExperience Sharing
This new product conference is a new product display as well as a communication platform, with thoughts spark meeting here; it is a link that mingling different opinions here; a river that integrating intelligent voice…

ZhongShuangji, general manager of Tianjin ZOJE, sharedhis experience

Wang Jianqun, general manager of the promotion center of Shandong pattern sewing machine, made a speech
Only through truly understanding the product and the industrial market situation, it is possible to fully integrate the advantages of various resources, open up the market and create wealth.At present, intelligence and digitization arethe big trend of sewing equipment development. In the conference, ZOJE specially invited excellent dealers,ZhongShuangji,general manager of Tianjin ZOJE, andWang Jianqun, general manager from the promotion center of Shandong Pattern Sewing Machine,to share their successful promotion experience of pattern sewing machine with us, hoping to bring about new promotion thoughts.

Li Jiayin, service director of pattern sewing machine, made an explanation on “6 plus 1” housekeeping style of safety service
 Besides, Li Jiayin, director of pattern sewing machine service, explained application of pattern sewing machine process and “6 plus 1”housekeeping style of special safety service model promoted by ZOJE.

Quality Engineering, Hot Product Strategy

Li Ruiyuan, president of ZOJE Sewing Machine Limited Company, made a speech
Then Mr Li Ruiyuan, the president of ZOJE Sewing Machine Limited Company made significant speech in terms of technical innovation and delicacy management. He emphasized that we would promote quality engineering and hot product strategy, with focus on users, to develop deep revolution on improvement of efficiency, delicacy management and technical innovation.
Intelligent auto pattern sewing machine is with the featuresof “multi-machines by one person” and“whole template automatic operation”.Such production intelligence machine will absolutely become a popular product, the focus of this industry as well as an emergingstar of the market.

With lively environment at the conference, guests kept clapping…
With lively environment at the conference, through viewing product, exploring development, discussing cooperation, everyone said they felt the strength of ZOJE once again from this new product conference, and had full confidence in cooperation with ZOJE in the future!
The appearance of this ZOJE new product of pattern sewing machine is a big progress of ZOJE, bringing about a revolutionary breakthrough for ZOJE development definitely, making significance on sewing machinery industry, creating new situation of reform and development for sewing equipment market, boosting transformation and upgrading in China’s garment industry. In the future, ZOJE hopes to keepovercoming difficulties and making progress with comrade in this industrial chain hand in hand so as to make new achievements.


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