Xu Renshun participates in Sri Lanka’s “AISEX” Exhibition

During Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival from June 6 to June 9, General Manager-Xu Renshun, Overseas Marketing Director-Zhu Miaohai and Regional Manager-Lu Yanfeng from ZOJE headed for Sri Lanka to visit the partner---SINGER.

Both General Managers’ Group Photo
In the next symposium, both parties communicate and discuss the cooperation under current new situation, implement the sufficient discussion on current market status and will expand the cooperation opportunity by adopting new mode. 

Group Photo of Both Senior Management from ZOJE and SINGER
Under both parties’ sincere cooperation over the past ten years, ZOJE brand has been the first sewing machine brand in Sri Lanka, the market share reaches over 80%, both parties are well satisfied with this and express the thank for both parties’ endeavor and giving!
 “AISEX” Exhibition is the first unique specialty exhibition domestically that the clothing industry is served as theme and is one of the most important and the most professional clothing industry exhibitions. General Manager Xu participates in “AISEX” Exhibition jointly with Foreign Trade Team. Multiple styles of intelligent star products highlight in Sri Lanka “AISEX” Exhibition and give rise to high attention and reporting by local media.

Opening Ceremony of “AISEX” Exhibition
During exhibition, such governmental officials as Minister from Ministry of Industry, Minister from Ministry of Commerce and President from Clothing Association in Sri Lanka visit ZOJE exhibition area and give high evaluation on intelligent products exhibited by ZOJE, and ZOJE intelligent automatic pattern sewing machine also becomes a unique star product and highlights in this “AISEX” Exhibition.

Such officials as Minister from Ministry of Industry and Minister’s Chief Advisor from Ministry of Commerce visit ZOJE exhibition area

General Manager Xu introduces ZOJE intelligent automatic pattern sewing machine to Minister from Ministry of Industry in Sri Lanka.
The reform on clothing production mode brought by ZOJE intelligent automatic pattern sewing machine is praised highly and gives rise to high concern by news media in Sri Lanka, meanwhile, the important special reporting on ZOJE intelligent products is also conducted to increasingly highlight ZOJE’s international influence. 
ZOJE intelligent automatic pattern sewing machine becomes the star and is published on the front page of Sri Lanka’s news media.
General Manager XU shows that ZOJE will continuously concern overseas market and demand from clothing terminal users and strengthen the communication. ZOJE always insists on “Quality Achieving Excellence” operation principle through sustainable innovation capability to continuously provide the intelligent products with superior performance and high cost performance for overseas market, continuously deepen the integral service and establish Chinese “Intelligent” production’s good and new international image.
ZOJE-SINGER’s Group Photo

ZOJE Technology Makes Sewing More Relaxed!

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ZOJE, industrial sewing machine’s top runner! ZOJE has the most advanced sewing manufacturing equipment- flexible production line! ZOJE, intelligent template machine’s leading brand! Chinese clothing brand’s annual award sponsor! Competition season’s sponsor in 2016-2017 Sewing Machinery Maintainer Occupational Skill Competition!

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