ZOJE Cup ·National Machinery Repairer Contest


On June 16, the Southwest Division & Chengdu Stop of ZOJE Cup · National Sewing Machinery Repairer Vocational Skill Contest was held and came to a successful conclusion at Chengdu Textile College, revealing the top 3 and top 30 contestants.

This contest was exclusively sponsored by ZOJE Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., hosted by China Sewing Machinery Association, China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, and China Light Industry Vocational Skill Training and Assessment Guidance Center, organized by Chengdu Garment (Apparel) Industry Association, Chengdu Textile College,  and Sichuan Huawang ZOJE Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Zhejiang Hulong Electrical Machine Co., Ltd., with strong support from China National Garment Association.This contest has received guidance and help from celebrities of the industry, as well as strong support from local governmental authorities of Chengdu City, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Economy, Trade and Information Commission, Garment Association and Chengdu Textile College.
The special guests attending this contest mainly include Lin Jianlong, vice-chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association, Fu Wanbin, marketing director of ZOJE Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Shen Xiantu, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Hulong Electrical Machine Co., Ltd., Zhang Yingkui, general manager of Sichuan Huawang ZOJE Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., Yin Ximing, party secretary of Chengdu Textile College, Ren Lanqi, director of Vocational Skill Assessment and Guidance Center of Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Liu Guanghua, researcher of Industry Management Office of Chengdu Economic and Information Commission,  and Lin Yong, executive vice secretary-general of Chengdu Garment (Apparel) Industry Association.

The guests delivered their speeches at the beginning of the contest.Firstly, Mr. Fu from ZOJE delivered an opening speech, expressing his thanks for the hard work of the hosts and organizers and their staff. He said that this contest was the first stop for the ZOJE Cup to enter campuses, and hoped to take this opportunity to strengthen discussion, cooperation and communication with academic institutions, and realize deep integration between production and teaching and research.Next, Secretary Yin of Chengdu Textile College, the organizer of the contest, delivered a speech. He was grateful that Chengdu Textile College was chosen as the venue for this contest, and said that such contests played a significant part in broadening the horizon of students, promoting the professional development of students, and establishing training cooperation with enterprises, which served as a bridge that connects garment equipment companies and professional garment schools and colleges.Finally, Vice Chairman Lin of China Sewing Machinery Association delivered a speech. He said this Machinery Repairer Skill Contest was an important event where skilled contestants from the Chinese machine repair sector gathered together to compete with each other. It is not only an important bridge connecting garment processing companies and sewing equipment manufacturing companies, but also a value-added platform that benefits sewing equipment repairers as a technical group.

After the guests finished their speeches, the opening ceremony was launched. With the countdown from 3 to 1, the guests lighted up the Launch Ball together, which signified that the last stop of the regional division of ZOJE Cup·National Machinery Repairer Contest, i.e. the Southwest Division  Chengdu Stop, officially kicked off!

The site of the contest was in good order, and the contestants were in high spirits. According to the rules of the contest, the contest is divided into three sections, i.e. theory assessment, troubleshooting assessment, and machine disassembly and assembly. After the theory assessment and troubleshooting assessment sections, 30 contests will proceed to the next round of the contest, i.e. machine disassembly and assembly, and try to make their way into the top 8.


Through the intense competition, the judge panel selected the top 8 contestants according to the overall score of machine disassembly and assembly and the time spent.By virtue of outstanding performance, Contestant No.89 Luo Peng, Contestant No. 005 Wang Guochao, and Contestant No. 002 Zhang Hong respectively won the first, second and third place and successfully made their way into the Shanghai Final of the “ZOJE Cup” National Sewing Machinery Industry Vocational Skill Contest on September 24. Meanwhile, the contestants ranking 4th to 8th in this contest, i.e. Contestant No. 19 Chen Hua, Contestant No. 48, Wang Bangping, Contestant No. 80 He Chunlin, Contestant No. 001 Chen Jianzhong, Contestant No. 28 Luo Haigang, and Contestant No. 63 Zeng Jian (Luo Haigang and Zeng Jian both ranked 8th), were also qualified to proceed to the final. Furthermore, the contestants who have passed the assessment will also be awarded the National Intermediate and Senior Vocational Skill Certificate.The winners were awarded the Certificate of Honor and trophy by the guests and leaders from relevant organizations who attended this contest.

During the contest, our contestants strictly followed the contest rules, and showed good spirits. For the contestants who did not win this contest, they did not get good scores perhaps because of insufficient preparation before the competition, or because they did not spend enough time practicing special skills.However, through this contest, they will certainly have a better idea of their own shortcomings and what they should work on in the future, and will be able to improve their own skills.

The successful holding of this contest in Chengdu Textile College not only creates a platform for peer competition, communication and learning for machine repairers, improves their industry and social status, and provides a solid talent foundation and support for the development of the sewing equipment repair industry, but also signifies a good start for further cooperation between ZOJE Cup and academic institutions. ZOJE can provide garment and other types of schools with the most advanced production equipment, technology and training base in China and even the world, and provide strong support for cooperation between corporate production and academic research, which helps schools and enterprises to jointly cultivate high quality skilled talents in the garment sector, and unfolds a new chapter of more in-depth school-enterprise cooperation in the future.
According to the rules of the Organizing Committee, the Shanghai Final of “ZOJE CupNational Machinery Repairer Vocational Skill Contest” will be held on September 24, 2015 during the CISMA 2015. In the final, a total of over 40 contestants, including the top 8 contestants from 5 regional divisions, i.e. Central China, Central Plains, Region on the West Coast of Taiwan Straits, North China, and Southwest China, will compete for the final champion. The final will definitely be breathtaking and exciting. 
As the Southwest division of the contest has come to a perfect conclusion, who will take the crown of the final champion?
Let’s see at the Shanghai Final on September 24!
Highlights of the contestants in the Southwest Division:






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