ZOJE • Sri Lanka Concert is grandly held in Dhaka

On 22nd May, 2015, the annual concert, which was solely sponsored by ZOJE and organized by Bangladesh Sri Lanka Association, was grandly held in the auditorium of Turkish Hope School in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. You Lishun, General Manager of ZOJE Bangladesh branch, and other people were presented on the scene of the concert.

A total of nearly 400 Sri Lankans in Bangladesh attended the concert. The concert also invited Nirosha, a famous Sri Lanka female singer, to sing songs heartily. Moreover, Asela, a Sri Lanka musician in Bangladesh and his Sri Lanka band came to join in merry-making. The atmosphere was warm at the concert, everywhere full of happiness and joy.

This concert lasted three and a half hours, with the theme of refusing to be isolated and promoting to live together in peace. It is learned that there are more than tens of thousands of Sri Lankans in Bangladesh and most of them are in the important management positions in clothing factories. After the concert, the guests were influenced by the lively and happy atmosphere of the scene. They gave extremely high appraisal to this concert and they hoped that similar events would be held in the future.

You Lishun, The General Manager of ZOJE Bangladesh branch, highly praised the success of the concert. He said that he thanked the Chamber of Commerce very much for organizing this concert, which presented a unique audio-visual feast for people; and that the place where the concert was held was not only a stage full of joy but also a world full of warmth. He also pointed out that sewing is actually like music; the ups and downs of the sewing needles are the rhythm; the ins and outs of the sewing threads are the cadence; and the whole process of sewing is just like a beautiful piece of music. In the process of sewing, the sewing needles are flying and the sewing threads are dancing. The passion shuttles the sewing, like a gorgeous dancing tango.

ZOJE Bangladesh branch as the main sponsor of this concert participated in the whole preparatory work for the concert so that the concert was successfully held, full of extraordinary praises. Meanwhile, this concert also demonstrated ZOJE's good brand image and further improved the influence of ZOJE's brand in Sri Lanka community.

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