High speed computerized direct-drive lockstitch sewing machine (all-in-one)

ZJ9703 series

Lockstitch  /  ZJ9703

The all-in-one design integrates the machine head, motor, operation panel, control box, no need to install the control panel, control box, etc

ECO power saving, high efficiency

Power saving can be 60%~ 70%, more environmental.


Super quiet technology

No noise electromagnet drive: all electromagnetic, especially foot lifter and reverse electromagnet make no current noise when suction.


Adopts 4 protection design


Superior reverse sewing technology


Decorative reverse sewing, realizing coincide stitch during back and forth reverse sewing.


Excellent industry design


Direct drive servo motor


The direct drive servo motor realizes the quick start and accurate stop, also it could save energy efficiently, reduce the cost.


Excellent quality parts


The key parts are imported, to reduce the noisy and vibration, ensure the excellent performance.


Automatic devices


This series include automatic trimmer, automatic reverse, and automatic thread wiper. Automatic foot lifter is optional for this series.


LED light


This series equip LED light, the brightness could be adjusted, bring a good operation environment.


Improved feeding mechanism


It could reduce the noise, realize low tension sewing. In addition, the larger adjustment range of feed dog can cope with different types of materials and to avoid crinkles and inversion.

Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ9703AR-5-D3 1 Medium,Heavy DB×1 9#~18# 5000 (rpm) mm
ZJ9703AR-5-D2 1 Medium,Heavy DB×1 9#~18# 5000 (rpm) mm
ZJ9703HA-5-D3/01 1 Medium,Heavy DP×5 20#~23# 3500 (rpm) mm
ZJ9703AR-D3 1 Light,Medium DB×1 9#~18# 5000 (rpm) mm
ZJ9703AR-D2 1 Light,Medium DB×1 9#~18# 5000 (rpm) mm
ZJ9703AR-D3/01 1 Light,Medium BD×1 9#~19# 5000 (rpm) mm
ZJ9703AR-5-D3/01 1 Medium,Heavy DP×5 16#-18# 3500 (rpm) mm

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