High speed chainstitch sewing machine

ZJ3800-BD series

Lockstitch  /  ZJ3800-BD
Adopts connecting rod type feeding system, auto oil lubrication system, long service life, suits for different kinds of fabric.

Direct Drive Servo Motor



It adopts the direct drive servo motor, could achieve the quick start sewing and stop and the accurate needle positioning. It could save 60% to 75% energy compare with the ordinary drive modes.



Model No.of Needles Material Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJ3830-BD 3 Light,Medium TV×7 4500 (rpm) 3.175 mm
ZJ3810-BD 1 Light,Medium TV×7 4500 (rpm) 4 mm
ZJ3820-BD 2 Light,Medium TV×7 5000 (rpm) 4 mm
ZJ4810-BD 2 Light,Medium TV×7 5000 (rpm) 4 mm

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