High speed interlock sewing(all-in-one head)

ZJ2500-3 series

Interlock  /  ZJ2500-3

The newly patented foot lifter, turn over type design of needle bar safeguard and adjustable needle bar thread taking up mechanism.
Max speed could reach 6000 rpm, improves the production efficiency.


Patented design of foot lifting


Latest patented design of the presser foot mechanism makes the operation of the presser foot easier and smoother and the re-set of the thread trapper more stable after a loose end.


Patented looper transmission


Newly patented looper transmission ensures the looper transmission much stable.


The auxiliary device is optional.


Suit for different fabric demand


Narrow cylinder, auto trimmer interlock


Suit for underwear, socks sewing, with the auto trimmer function, improve the production efficiency.


Integrated motor and control system


Easy for package, transportation and maintenance.


Unique internal fan design of hand wheel.


Reduces the temperature and increases the service life of machine.

It has multiple functions such as bottom hemming, tape binding and seams covering after exchange accessories. The switch is easy, highly efficient and saves money.

Folding the lap




Burying the quaker



Curl sewing


Model No.of Needles Stitch Width Needle Sewing Speed Stitch Length
ZJC2421-3-148M-BD-D3 2 4.8 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJS2500A-156M-BD-D3 3 5.6 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJC2521-3-164M-BD-D3 3 6.4 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJC2521-3-156M-BD-D3 3 5.6 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJC2500-3-164M-VF-BD-D3 3 6.4 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJC2500-3-156M-VF-BD-D3 3 5.6 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJ2500A-3-164M-VF-BD-D3 3 6.4 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm
ZJ2500A-3-156M-VF-BD-D3 3 5.6 UY128GAS11# 6000 (rpm) 1.4~4.4 mm

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