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In most modern production lines segment, the Zoje manufactures a wide variety Industrial Sewing Machine with technology edgethat provide greater productivity and economy on a day-to-day manufacturing.

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Top Products - Direct Drive Machines

Auto-pattern Machine

Adopting domestic 4000 RMB cost of aluminum frame, 4000 RMB cost of wear resistant stainless steel panel, and appearance of refreshing, it's specially designed for clothing manufacturers to strengthen the brand effect


Lockstitch Machine

Rugged and highly versatile, the Zoje high-speed Lockstich Machines are used for many applications in different segments of the garment.

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Overlock Machine

The Industrial Overlock Zoje is perfect for high productivity. There are several models suitable for textile sewing, knitting, underwear, jeans and bedding material.

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Interlock Sewing Machine

Essential to produce t-shirts, the Interlock Sewing Machines Zoje has automatic functions that simplify the handling of the operator.

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Spare Parts and Accessories

Its production can not stop. Therefore, when you need replacement parts Zoje you can rely on our network of resellers.


Zoje Global Company

The Zoje Industrial Sewing Machine manufactured in the last year 600 000 machines and distributed to over 60 countries. Supported by approximately 2,500 employees, Zoje has been consolidating its history by expanding its network of distributors, making it one of the leading brands on the world stage of industrial sewing machine.

Our worldwide network:
Europe Branch: (www.zoje-europe.com) Brazil:(www.zoje.com.br)
Russia:(www.geran.ru) Turkey:(www.tetas.com.tr)

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